To solve the existing problem of markup in food prices presented by the food delivery marketplace ecosystem, the client contacted Team My IT Agency to develop a commission-less food ordering and delivery app called eatozee.

Project Info:

Project Name: Eatozee
Project Start Date: 2020-09-01
Project End Date: 2020-12-04
Project Duration: 51 Business Days

Project Brief

The basic idea was to let customers order food in a few easy steps: Browse, order, track, and earn. The platform was also meant to help riders and restaurants in unique ways.

We built a mobile app that is used by customers who wish to order food, riders who want to earn extra money by delivering food, and restaurants who want to reach a larger audience base with business insights.

Service Provided

Faced Challenges

Developing an algorithm to notify riders in the areas of low-frequency orders about hot spots.

The project experts had to think out-of-the-box to integrate unique features to make an app that helps all three app users. An algorithm had to develop to send automated notifications for riders in areas with low-frequency orders about the hot spots. This is to give them a fair chance to earn more. A special pizza interface was to be implemented for pizza restaurants with a recommendation algorithm to suggest pizza quantity while ordering.

Project Approach

A holistic approach was followed to simplify the project into three parts: Customer App, Rider App, and Vendor App. The Flutter experts implemented unique features for each one of them. A backend system was created for Super Admin, Admin, and Vendors (Restaurants) to add/edit/manage users and to customize the content. Custom & 3rd-party APIs were integrated to create a bridge between all three app users.

In-house tech expertise and effective internal & external collaboration were crucial in timely delivery.

Key Benefits


The food marketplace was tested and delivered within the given timeline. Considering a positive response received by eatozee app, the client is now working with us for phase-2 to bring more innovative features to improve the online food ordering experience.

Technologies Used




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