Local Student Storage

Book storage space for personal belongings of students when they go off-campus in between a term.

Project Info:

Project Name: Pita Pita Cafe
Project Start Date: 2019-10-23
Project End Date: 2019-12-06
Project Duration: 10 Business Days

It's extremely costly for university students to store their items such as bedding, books, bikes, etc., and go home before the new term started. LSS is a student-oriented web platform that offers affordable pick-up, storage, and return services in a simple way.

Core Features

Enhancing User Experience

Easy Online Booking System

Students can book orders via an online platform with required packing materials with a range of options.

System-driven Updates

The whole system is automated for last-minute changes. No manual contact is required to deliver a hassle-free experience.

Automated Order Updates

Drivers and customers get updates about the order status at every stage on the day of the booking.

Accurate Calendar System

University students can select the exact time slot and place for their items to be collected, stored, and returned.

Other Features


Real-time Tracking

Admins can track and monitor drivers with a map integrated into this web solution.


User-friendly CMS

Admins can easily manage the customers, drivers and content on the web.


Seamless Flexibility

It helps university students to manage all the aspects of their storage needs.


Application Form

Students can fill up this Google form in order to make precise requests with additional information.


Invoice Modifications

Automated new invoices are generated and sent to students if more or lesser packing items are used.


All-in-One Platform

The platform is used by all the drivers, customers, and administrators making it simple and effective.


Made for

University students of Durham, St. Andrews, Edinburgh who require storage services and connect with drivers/admins.

Technologies Used




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