Happy Snappy Lite

Happy snappy lite is an innovative photo souvenir system that offers cloud-based media marketing solutions within a sales platform. The platform is aimed to allow events and attraction agencies to offer branded photos to their guests to be downloaded and purchased.

Project Info:

Project Name: Happy Snappy Lite
Project Start Date: 2022-05-06
Project End Date: 2022-07-29
Project Duration: 75 Business Days

Project Brief

The basic idea of happy snappy is to allow its users to capture their moments in clicks, then display them as priced marketing material. Customers can access these branded images on the website. The system allocates each user with a unique QR Code and also allows the resharing of photos directly from the downloaded pages, which provides free marketing, better customer reach, and generates more income.

Service Provided

Faced Challenges

Establishing the system's security and ensuring speed of performance.

The old system had no security, so it was crucial to establish a robust security system based on ASP.NET identity features. Another challenge we faced was to maintain the speed of performance and avoid the slow response of the website while loading thousands of images per minute. Our team decided to use the Redis Cache system to efficiently connect the entity framework and the database with optimized queries.

Project Approach

A holistic approach was followed by the team in order to fix the database and ensure its seamless and up-to-the-second responsiveness. While the previous system uploads the photos to the Client File system and the local server which caused the slow performance, the new system will be uploading images directly to the cloud-based system to guarantee a convenient performance.

The experts suggested a range of solutions to enhance the web app.

Key Benefits


Happy snappy got successfully published on the play store with a positive response from its owner and its early user. The design is responsive and delivers a fun user experience as well as an effective advertising experience for the event holders.

Technologies Used



.NET Core


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